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AndroidTraining In Bangalore

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We are aware of the evolving trends in software development with handpicked mentors to help us bring the change of way how technology is taught.

Android Apps Development

Cumulations provides full-fledged Android app development solution for your business ideas using latest Android technologies across multiple operating systems. As one of the top mobile apps development companies in India.

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Flutter Apps development

Flutter is revolutionizing the mobile application development ecosystem as it is helping to build both Android and iOS mobile apps from a single code base. Flutter applications are coded using Dart language and are supported by Google. At Cumulations.

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SDK & Backend Development

Backend is what powers the most of mobile and web applications with useful data. For Backend development, we make use of Python, PHP and Node.js majorly to design for scalability and flexibility in supporting additional business use cases.

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About Android Training In Bangalore

The most trending app development platform is the android computing platform, which works on the Linux operating system. The foray of androids happened in 2008, and there was no looking back after that, and gradually it topped the charts as the most popular operating system. It is no longer confined to mobile phones but various devices such as television, automobiles, projectors, etc.

The android is a layered environment with rich functionality. If you are a certified android developer, you get to utilize the user interface composing of an operating system withWindows, right down to views, widgets that come with it. A browser that allows for embedding directly into the application that you are going to build.

Learning android development is essential in so many ways because it is open-source and easy to use in smartphones.Android development has progressed that it has made them more efficient and affordable. Therehas been significant growthfor android apps because of an ever-increasing app market.When accessing the play store, you find that there is there are several apps developed dropped frequentlyfor the customer to get and use. There is aninteresting fact about the apps; 60% of the android appsare free.

Being an android developer has got many job prospects, with companies hiring android developers for high paying developer jobs. There is an opportunity to be a freelancer and earn handsomely with the demand surging rapidly.With the revenue model on the playstore, your app can get you a good payout. You could generate revenue through ads too.The android system has penetrated onto different devices, which has increased its demand and popularity.

With the help of our android development course, you will learn to be innovative, identify opportunities and work on those ideas along with learning Java, XML, and other essentials that we fundamentally include in our curriculum for you know tolaunch your very own app.

  • What is Android
  • History and Version
  • Installing soft wares
  • Setup Android Studio
  • Hello Android example
  • Internal Details
  • Dalvik VM
  • Software Stack
  • Android Core Building Blocks
  • Android Emulator
  • AndroidManifest.xm
  • R.java file
  • Hide Title Bar
  • Screen Orientation
  • Android Syllabus.pdf